Photo Echanges et transmissions

The first meeting of the "exchanges and transmissions" working group was held on February 27, 2021, by video conference.


It was conducted in English and French, thanks to very competent translators, which allowed the discussion to take place with fluidity. It brought together a dozen people from five continents.


The rich and interesting discussions focused on:
• The conduction of the setting up of the Pikler approach in different childcare structures under the same administration.
• A reflection and a practice carried out about the familiarization in childcare, based on a text from the childcare study group.
• An illustration of the rights of children in institutions as defined by the Pikler Loczy Association of Hungary
• Exchanges from different places about parent-child groups.

Carefully prepared by Roberta Simas and Eszter Mózes and facilitated by them, this premiere received a very positive feedback. It aroused a great deal of interest and allowed the presentation of various themes under original lighting. We would have been happy to continue the discussion, to have more time for exchanges after the presentations.


I was personally sensitive to the open-mindedness and listening capacities of the participants during the discussions, in this multicultural context.
A second meeting will be held in autumn in two other languages ​​to be defined.


The presenters of this meeting were:
• Azucena Linares with Sandra Daunis and Maria Seguí from Catalonia, Spain
• Elsa Chahin from USA
• Carme Arias from Rosa Sensat, Basque country, Spain
• Gonny Tromp with Lucia de Jong and Aafke Huisman from the Netherlands
• Tracy Gao with Amy Wu from China

Katherine Bussey, Maria Ester Gonzales, Paulette Jaquet and Catherine Peyrot attended the meeting


Paulette Jaquet Travaglini