Capture decran 2020 09 27 a 10.27.17We are very pleased to present four articles from the research of our colleagues from the University of the Basque Country : Elena Herrán, Haizea Belza, Maitane Belasko and Jone Sagastui, and M. Teresa Anguera from the University of Barcelona​​. Their research concern the educational activity of two caregivers, videotaped during three months at the Emmi Pikler kindergarten in Budapest.

They studied the instrumental and relational dimensions between caregivers and children in the morning, at breakfast, changing diapers, free play and dressing to go and play in the garden. Their results are fascinating and we would love to share them with you. 


Early childhood education and cultural learning


Dressing toddlers at Emmi Pikler nursery school in Budapest


Early childhood, breakfast and related tools


A systematic observation of early childhood educators accompanying young children's free play at Emmi Pikler Nursery School