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We are happy to present three very rich articles to you, coming from the meetings of a group which reflected on the adaptation of Emmi Pikler's ideas in nurseries.

This group was created in 2010 on the initiative of Paulette Jaquet Travaglini and Eszter Mózes, and was made up of 11 members from 6 different countries. He was attached to Pikler International since the beginnings of the association. The documents are in French.

Nurseries have to respond to different needs and face other problems than those of orphanage and foster care homes. How do they integrate Piklerian concepts into their practices while keeping their specific functioning? On the other hand how to recognize and support a nursery whose practice respects and integrates the concepts of E. Pikler?

These are the questions that animated this very dynamic group. The three texts deal with familiarization and care at the nursery, and the change of adult roles when children grow up. We are also posting a short text detailing the context of this work and the members who carried it out.

These texts are made available to anyone interested in the Piklerian approach. However, if you wish to reproduce, translate or use them in your publications, we ask that you first contact the authors for their authorization.


We hope you enjoy reading it!


Groupe de travail francophone crèches et garderies d’inspiration piklérienne 


Soins corporels


Familiarisation dans les lieux d'accueil collectifs


De nurse à pédagogue