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Dear Friend, 

We are excited to inform you that the publications of the Pikler House in Budapest are finally available online at www.shop.pikler.hu. The Pikler Shop offers books, DVDs and articles on the Pikler Approach in 10 different languages and on topics ranging from free movement and play to the care of infants in the Piklerian way.

Worldwide delivery is available and we are working on offering the option of card payment. In the meantime, you can pay for your orders via bank transfer.

To celebrate this important event, we are now offering Anna Tardos’ article ‘Being with Babies’ for download free of charge. This English language article by Emmi Pikler’s daughter offers a concise description of the basics of the Pikler Approach. It talks about the importance of turning towards babies and small children in a gentle and respectful way and how this attitude can lead to a mutually joyful relationship between babies and their carers. 

If you would like to get the article, make sure you register online and sign up for our monthly newsletter. You will then receive a coupon code to download the article from your Profile page at the Pikler Shop. The offer is valid until November 15th 2019. We do recommend that you sign up and promise to only contact you when we have something important to say: about new publications and current offers.

Happy reading: The Pikler Shop Team